About Aralight

Aralight is the culmination of years of research, clinical application, and experimentation. The device represents a significant breakthrough, utilizing state- of-the-art high intensity, super bright LED’s. Research is beginning to show that LED light is superior to Lasers, and the effects are far reaching. The mission of Arable Health is to take advantage of this research, and clinical experience to produce the most effective method of systematically advancing human health.

Think about it: Every injury and every disease has a systematic life cycle. We have begun to understand most of the stages they go through. Now we are able to match those stages with the right treatment, at the right time. The result is better, faster results. With this systematic, matching approach, we are able to treat the patient for injury, disease, and overall systemic wellness and strength.

Our device was FDA approved in 2015. #K142256

Our Mission:

Our mission is to improve the human condition by providing non-invasive therapies that improve health, decrease healing time, and give relief by enhancing the body’s natural recovery mechanisms, in addition, providing wellness and youthful quality of life for everyone.